help me move my van?

we may be able to catch a movie and or dinner also.
anyone? I have movie gift card and a gift card to Olive garden. We need to drive up there and see if it starts then I need to be followed home in case it doesn't make it. Which it might not, it has a radiator leak.

I hate being sick

nuff said I am just watching movies and have a head cold and a bit of a feaver. So much for getting stuff done today. I still have to get my van (haven't had time with moveing wedding and holliday stuff) plus the fact that I need someone to drive me there and follow me home.
Well back to watching movies and hopeing I feel better soon.

Home n' all that.

Yay home from work. going to watch something around 10 or 11 if no one comes over, or no one picks a movie I will watch a Thai action movie tonight. right now thinking about food and checking web stuff.

Movie watching anyone?

Open Invite to come over and watch movies starting at 10:30 or 11 tonight and tomorrow(Tuesday) open to suggestions as to what to watch right now I am thinking Living in Oblivion, Match Point, or Shaolin Soccer. Call or send msg, I live at Indian School and the 101.


Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection
Release Date: 11/22/2005
More Details:

Aeon Flux [Anime Series]

This unique series follows the deadly assassin Aeon Flux through bloody and often implicitly erotic adventures. The series had its birth in a collection of shorts aired on MTV's Liquid Television which relied heavily on style, contained no dialogue, and allowed most details about the actual nature of Aeon's missions to be guessed. This series, however, specifies that the spindly agent is from the country of Monica and endeavors to infiltrate the neighboring country of Brema, which is led by her former lover. The surreal universe of Aeon Flux is so swimming with themes of fetishism and an overall feeling of parody that the very violence that such an action-oriented series relies on is inherently futile. This is exemplified most strongly in Aeon frequently being brutally killed by the end of an episode. This also adds a unique element to the process of watching the show, because the viewer cannot assume that the main character will always survive her exploits simply because she is the protagonist. ~ Cammila Albertson, All Movie Guide

I was hopeing this would finnaly be released with the movie comeing out!!!!!
my vhs will not survive as much as I play them

Set List from Tori 9-16 Phoenix

Original Sinsuality
Beauty Queen
Space Dog
Goodbye Pisces
Cool On Your Island

Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes cover)
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 (Rickie Lee Jones cover)

General Joy
Mr. Zebra
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand
Never Seen Blue

2nd Encore

Pretty Good Year

10 interests and why

LJ Interests meme results

  1. blood the last vampire:
    One of my favorite anime, more of the story will be out soon
  2. darkness:
    Quiet, calmer, sinister, relaxing, unknown, creapy at times,
  3. fashion:
    A way to show who you are or hide who you are.It's like being art.
  4. hookah:
    It's relaxing and a nice social activity, I have never smoked anything else
  5. legos:
    So many possible creations. It's very relaxing to sit and make something out of the bricks.I collect lego sets.
  6. midori:
    Green Melon flavored Alchohol, and a very taletned rope bondage artist.
  7. pink:
    It's a color that is in your face looks wonderfull if used right and horid if used wrong.
  8. sculpting:
    I enjoy building art from raw elemnts and prefer found objects.
  9. the sandman:
    A comic book by Neil Gaimen. Its dreamy.
  10. widescreen:
    Full screen is evil. I like my movies and I don't want them butchered just because someone had to make the TV square.
    Full screen is also misleading because so many people do not know that they are getting a choped version of a film.

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